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Once you have selected a suitable property we will require
for each prospective tenant:

Payment of the application fee will also be required in order
to hold the property for you whilst references are undertaken.
Full references will be undertaken by a professional independent
referencing company.

Once satisfactory references are received and a start date agreed with the landlord, tenancy
documentation will be prepared and all tenants will be required to sign within 3 working days.
Payment of the first month's rent and deposit is required as cleared funds prior to the start date.


Future rent is payable in advance on the rent due date by standing order, either direct to COWDEL CLARKE or to your landlord depending on who is managing the property. The standing order will be prepared for you and will need to be signed with all other tenancy documentation.


COWDEL CLARKE is registered with The Dispute Service in order to comply with new deposit regulations and a certificate of registration provided once the tenancy has started. Where we are not managing the property, the deposit will be forwarded to your landlord who must register the deposit with one of The Deposit Protection Schemes and notify you within 14 days with whom the deposit has been lodged.

Specialist Tenant Insurance

In accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement, tenants must take out contents insurance for their belongings. Specialist Tenant Contents Insurance is available which will cover the tenant for accidental damage to their landlord's fixtures, fittings and furnishings in addition to their own. We will be happy to provide a quote for you.


Where a deposit is taken for rented accommodation, an Inventory and Schedule of Condition will be prepared for the property. This will list all contents and condition of the accommodation. Two copies of the inventory will be provided at the start of the tenancy for the tenant to check and return signed within 5 working days.


Tenants must notify the utility providers and council tax that there has been a change of occupant at both the start and end of the tenancy providing meter readings where appropriate.

Confirmation of the utility providers can be sought on:

Gas Supplier - Transco on 0870 608 1524

Electric Supplier - Mpas on 0845 601 5467

Your Safety

The gas safety regulations specify that it is the duty of the landlord to ensure that all gas appliances, fittings and flues are safe for tenants to use. An annual Gas safety is therefore carried out on relevant gas appliances and flues by a Gas Safe Registered installer. A record of each safety check must be issued to the tenants at the start of the tenancy and within 28 days of renewal.

Research shows that many house fires are caused by electrical appliances or as a result of candles being burned, therefore we highly recommend that washing machines and driers etc are not left running in the property whilst the tenant is not present and that if candles are burnt they are not left unattended at any time and the appropriate holders are used.


At the start of the tenancy you will be advised as to who will manage the property during the term of the tenancy. If the landlord is to manage the property, you will be provided with the name, address and contact details for them. Any problems or queries must therefore be reported direct to your landlord.

If COWDEL CLARKE are managing the property, any queries or maintenance issues must be reported as soon as possible to our office at 98 London Road, Stockton Heath or on 01925 600290. COWDEL CLARKE will then arrange for a contractor to attend to rectify or investigate the problem further. With your permission our contractor can gain access to the property with keys held in our office.

Emergency Situations

In the event that the tenant can smell gas at the property or suspect that there is a gas leak please contact Transco immediately. For your safety, listen to the advice given by Transco. Please notify your landlord/managing agent at the earliest convenience.


- Emergency helpline 0800 111 999

In the event of a water leak, turn off the water supply at the stop cock and contact your landlord/managing agent immediately.


During the term of the tenancy, a staff member of COWDEL CLARKE will carry out periodic inspections at the property on behalf of the landlord.

Renewal of Tenancy

The initial term of the tenancy is generally for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months the tenancy may be renewed by agreement with the landlord for either a further fixed term or on a "periodic" basis (i.e. month by month where the rent is paid monthly).

The legal requirement for a tenant to serve notice is one month's written notice from the rent day. The landlord is legally required to serve two month's written notice in the form of a section 21 Notice.

Ending the Tenancy

Should you wish to give notice, please contact your landlord/managing agent for advice if you are uncertain.

Where notice is received by COWDEL CLARKE, as managing agent, the notice will be acknowledged in writing and the last day of the tenancy confirmed. Check-out procedures will also be confirmed in writing.

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